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In 2017 May outstanding staff selection

杨凤金从5月以来,勤恳务实,善于领悟,工作认真负责,爱岗敬业,服从整体安排,形象良好;对本职工作兢兢业业,锐意进取,乐于助人,关心同事,与同事相处融洽,善于合作, 特此评选为5月份制造体系部门的“优秀员工”,给予通告表扬及以资鼓励。望其在今...[Detailed]


About the selection of excellent employees in April

李辉从4月以来,在组装任务较重的情况下任劳任怨、克服困难较好的完成领导安排的各项任务,其本人对工作态度从一开始的消极到现在的主动积极,工作效率从一开始的慢到现在全公司组装效率第一,且犯错率较比上个月有明显改善, 特此评选为四月份制造体系部门...[Detailed]


About the outstanding staff selection of 2017 March



Congratulations, moving a number of products of high-tech products ele

In the past 2016, Guangdong Kedong Electric Technology Co. Ltd Triumphant news keeps pouring in. Under the efforts of al...[Detailed]


A dynamic switching power supply converter by Dean Professor Zhang Zha

In June 3rd, an old man came to Guangdong, accompanied by the dynamic electrical technology limited company, and the com...[Detailed]

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