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What is the function of frequency converter?

View times:3530  Author:admin  Published time:2016-8-19

Frequency conversion and energy saving
The frequency converter energy saving mainly displays in the application of fan and water pump. In order to ensure the reliability of production, all production machinery in the design of power with drive, there is a certain amount of surplus. When the motor can not run under full load, in addition to the power requirements, the extra torque increases the active power consumption, resulting in waste of energy. Method of fan and pump equipment traditional speed is by regulating the inlet or outlet of the baffle, valve opening to regulate air flow and to give water, the high input power and a large amount of energy consumption in the baffle and valve closure process. When using variable frequency control, if the flow rate is reduced, the speed of the pump or fan can be reduced to meet the requirements.
The use of frequency converter motor is in order to speed, and reduce the starting current. In order to produce a variable voltage and frequency, the device is the first power of the AC power conversion to DC (DC), the process is called rectification. The direct current (DC) is transformed into alternating current (AC) and its scientific term is "inverter" (inverter). General inverter is the DC power supply inverter for a certain fixed frequency and a certain voltage of the inverter. For the inverter as the frequency adjustable, adjustable voltage inverter, we called the inverter. Inverter output waveform is simulated sine wave, mainly used in three-phase asynchronous motor speed control, and also called frequency governor. For the main use of instrumentation in the detection of equipment in the waveform requirements of the variable frequency inverter, to be able to sort out the waveform, you can output the standard sine wave, called the inverter power supply. The general inverter is 1520 times inverter price. Since the inverter device in the voltage or frequency of the main device is called "inverter", so the product itself is named "inverter", namely: frequency converter.
Frequency is not everywhere can save electricity, there are many field frequency conversion does not necessarily be able to save electricity. As an electronic circuit, the inverter itself is also power consumption (about 3-5% of the power rating). A 1.5 horsepower of own air-conditioning power consumption is 20-30w, quite in a burning lamp. Inverter in frequency operation, with power saving function, is a fact. But his premise is:
First, high power and fan / pump load;
Second, the device itself has a power saving function (software support);
This is the embodiment of the power saving effect of the three conditions. In addition, there is no so-called section does not save electricity, no sense. If you do not add the premise of the power frequency operation of power frequency, is exaggerated or commercial speculation. You know the whole story, he will serve you clever use. Must pay attention to the use and use conditions to correct application, otherwise, blindly credulous and deceived "".
Power factor compensation energy saving
No power will not only increase the heat loss and equipment, main power factor led to a decrease in the power grid decreased, lots of reactive power consumption in the middle of the line and equipment use efficiency is low, serious waste, after the use of variable frequency speed regulating device, due to the role of filter capacitance inside the converter, thereby reducing the reactive power loss, increasing the active power grid.
Soft start energy saving
1: motor start causing a serious impact on the power grid, but also asking too much on the power grid capacity, high current and the vibration generated when starting when the baffle and valve damage greatly, the service life of equipment, piping extremely unfavorable. After the use of the frequency conversion energy-saving device, the use of frequency converter soft start function will make the starting current starting from scratch, will not exceed the maximum rated current, reducing the impact on the power grid and the power supply capacity, and prolongs the service life of the equipment and valves. Saving equipment maintenance cost.
2: theoretically speaking, the converter can used in all with the motor mechanical equipment motor startup current will 5-6 times higher than the rated, not only will the service life of the machine and consume more power. System in the design on the motor selection will leave a margin, the speed of the motor is fixed, but in actual use process, sometimes with lower or higher speed operation. Therefore, the frequency conversion transformation is very necessary. The inverter can realize the soft start of motor and the power factor of compensation.

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