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Working environment requirements of photovoltaic inverter

View times:3038  Author:admin  Published time:2016-8-19

1 PV inverter requirements with high efficiency. Due to the high price of solar cells in 2011, in order to maximize the use of solar cells, to improve the efficiency of the system, we must try to improve the efficiency of the inverter.
2 PV inverter requirements with high reliability. 2012 photovoltaic power generation system is mainly used in remote areas, many power station unattended and maintenance, which requires the inverter circuit structure with a reasonable, strict selection of elements and requirements for inverter has various protection functions, such as input DC polarity reverse connection protection, AC output short circuit protection overheating, overload protection and so on.
3. The photovoltaic inverter requirements of DC input voltage is applicable to a wide range of, because the solar battery terminal voltage with load and sunshine intensity change batteries while the voltage of the solar cell has an important role, but due to the voltage of the battery with the battery residual capacity and internal resistance changes fluctuate, especially when the battery aging the end range of voltage variations, such as 12V battery, the voltage at its terminals can be varied between 10V ~ 16V, which requires the inverter must guarantee the normal work in a larger range of DC input voltage, and to ensure stability of the AC output voltage.
4 photovoltaic inverter in the medium and large capacity of photovoltaic power generation system, the output of the inverter power supply should be a small distortion of the sine wave. This is due to the in medium and large system capacity, if the square wave power supply, the output will contain more harmonic component high frequency harmonics will generate additional loss, many PV system to the load requirements for communication or instruments and equipment, these devices on the quality of the power system have higher, when, large capacity of grid connected photovoltaic power generation system operation, in order to avoid contaminated with the public power grid power, inverter output sine wave current.

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