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From proximity switch, photoelectric switch to rotary encoder

View times:5841  Author:admin  Published time:2016-8-19

Industrial control in the positioning, proximity switch, photoelectric switch applications have been quite mature, and very easy to use. However, with the continuous development of industrial control, and with the new requirements, so that the application of rotary encoder is highlighted:
Information: in addition to positioning, the control room can also know its specific location;
Flexible: positioning can be flexible adjustment in the control room;
Installation convenience and safety and longevity: a rotary encoder can measure the size of a fist, from several
To tens, hundreds of meters of distance, n station, as long as a rotary encoder to solve the safety problem,
Can avoid a lot of proximity switch, photoelectric switch in the field of mechanical installation trouble,
The problem is easily damaged by high temperature, moisture and disturbance. The encoder, no mechanical loss, as long as the installation position is accurate, the service life is long.
Multi function: in addition to remote location, can also be the current location, the conversion speed of the transducer, step motor etc.
Application is particularly important.
Economy: for multiple control stations, the cost of a rotary encoder, as well as more major installation and maintenance,
The loss cost and the service life are increased, and the economy is gradually becoming more and more prominent.
As mentioned above, rotary encoder has been widely used in various industrial applications.

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