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A dynamic switching power supply converter by Dean Professor Zhang Zhansong praise

View times:16371  Author:admin  Published time:2016-10-13

In June 3rd, an old man came to Guangdong, accompanied by the dynamic electrical technology limited company, and the company manager Zhang Qing FEIWANG and senior industry engineer Chen Xueyun inverter, servo drive technology is discussed. From the overall design to the inverter components selection, and then to the future application of technology, the discussion lasted for several hours, the old man in fine fig, admiring, moving in high spirit, electrical R & D breakthrough in the inverter side, also put forward their own insights and suggestions, he is the dean of professor Zhang Zhansong Chinese technology of switching power supply.

科动 机床 纺织 变频器 伺服

Dean Zhang Zhansong and the dynamic switching power supply company, Zhang Qingfei Chen Xueyun.

Zhang Qingfei, general manager of the company briefly introduced the company in the last three years, the company in the design of the 11KW inverter improvements, the table placed on the table that is 2014, 2015, three, 2016, respectively, released products. The three generation product is getting smaller and smaller, but the performance has been greatly improved, especially in the reliability of the. Reliability is very important for the inverter and other automation products, and the branch of the company's products in the customer application process, to achieve a surprisingly low failure, it can be seen that the high reliability. Zhang is also proud to say that in the domestic industry, the branch of related products is in a leading level of.

At present, China's manufacturing industry is in the low-end to high-end transformation of the environment, the national level strongly requires innovation driven. At the beginning of the establishment of the Department of electrical and electronic, although it is the industry's new recruits, but the frequency inverter, servo drive industry is still more profound understanding of. With the components to enhance the quality of products, quality stable, but there is still much room for improvement, a dynamic electrical clearly, related products in terms of performance in more than and 10 years is not what progress. In this environment, a dynamic electric to survive and develop, must be contrarian innovation, in order to obtain a little bit chance. Now the customer's choice is more and more objective, especially in the innovation driven ideas, they will not refuse the innovative products.

科动 机床 纺织 变频器 伺服

Discussion on the design of circuit board by Professor Chen and Zhang

科动 机床 纺织 变频器 伺服

This is the current waveform of the Department of electrical and electronic 0.2Hz

According to senior R & D Engineer Chen Xueyun introduced, the new 11KV inverter in the circuit board design, the overall structural design using a new way, so as to solve the product volume and heat dissipation. Compared with similar products, components selection of pneumatic inverter is very strict, perhaps only in some similar products on key components selection of international brands, but, the starting point and the foothold in the overall system reliability and compatibility, all components must undergo a rigorous testing before final application, which makes the dynamic the inverter products can be effectively improved in performance and stability.

In our country manufacturing industry is facing double pressure of developed countries and emerging economies, the advantage of low cost and rapid decline of new competitive advantage has not yet formed a difficult situation, a dynamic understanding of the situation, take the initiative to undertake the historical mission of their own, in three and a half years in a short period of time, from scratch, to upgrade, to go beyond although it is difficult, however, the entire team of dynamic electrical difficulties, they do. From spirit to concept to product, they bring to the customers are value for money.

科动 机床 纺织 变频器 伺服

Strong product line of branch

At present, the products are widely used in machine tools, textile, printing, new energy, metal processing industries, such as equipment and machinery, small to small appliances.

Professor Zhang said that in the future, with the development of new technologies such as electric vehicles and micro grid technology, inverter, servo drive technology applications will be more broad. Miniaturization integration is a trend of development of automation products, Department of electrical technology in dynamic trend to grasp the accurate, high quality products, strong reliability, the future will certainly be able to win a broader space for development.

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