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TD680 closed loop vector (torque control)

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TD680 closed loop vector (torque control)

TD680 product introduction
Typical applications
Suitable for CNC machine tools, leather machinery, textile machinery, wire drawing machine, reeling, packaging machinery, die casting machine, extrusion machines, injection molding machine, centrifuge etc.
Provide V/F control, open loop vector control, vector control, torque control, accurate motor parameters self-learning function parameters can be accurately rotating or stationary self-learning, convenient debugging, simple operation, providing higher control precision and response speed. Multi motor switching function, can be stored 2 sets of synchronous motor, 2 sets of asynchronous motor parameters, a frequency converter can be divided into four sets of motor control. Support for a variety of encoders, differential encoder, open collector encoder, UVW encoder, rotary transformer encoder, SINCOS encoder. New speed sensorless vector control performance. Speed sensorless vector control, can block the movement, in the 0.5HZ output 150% rated torque; speed sensorless vector control of the motor parameters of the sensitivity decreased. Improve the site adaptability; superior response, speed sensorless vector control, torque response of <20ms. sensor vector control, torque response <5ms. Support a variety of Fieldbus standard RS485 communication interface support Modbus RTU communication, scalable CANopen, fast bus connection with other products.
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