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From proximity switch, photoelectric switch to rotary encoder

Industrial control in the positioning, proximity switch, photoelectric switch applications have been quite mature, and v...[Detailed]


Use in outdoor or bad environment

The equipment used in the field, the scene environment dirty, and even damaged the encoder.If the encoder installation p...[Detailed]


How to use an incremental encoder?

1, incremental rotary encoder with different resolutions, the use of each circle the number of pulses generated from 6 t...[Detailed]


What are the considerations of incremental rotary encoder selection?

Should pay attention to three aspects of the parameters:1 Mechanical mounting dimensions, including positioning stop, sh...[Detailed]


Note on the installation of absolute value encoders

In use. By means of a single turn rotary and to measure the photoelectric encoder as the center to obtain the reticle, o...[Detailed]

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